Love Island’s Wildest Fashion Moments, From Ovie’s Bucket Hats To Belle’s Double Belted Crop Top

After two months of relentless grafting, cracking on and doing bits, Love Island comes to an end on Monday, when one couple will take home the coveted £50,000 prize.

But the villa’s romantic goings on are just a small part of the show’s legacy, with this year’s series making headlines not just out of the islanders’ dating choices, but their sartorial ones.

We’ve seen contestants wear belts as tops, squirt ketchup on wedding gowns and wiggle their hips in a hot pants throughout the course of the programme.

While many of the clothes are questionable – someone really needs to have a word with the men about all those white skinny jeans – some of the islanders have emerged as bona fide trendsetters thanks to their wardrobe choices.

Among them is the admirable Ovie Soko, whose sprightly Hawaiian shirts and retro bucket hats have become somewhat legendary.